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Programmer MC68HC908AZxx, MC68HC05H12 - COM


Programmer MC68HC908AZxx, MC68HC05H12 - COM

$119.00 $150.00

Programmer for MC68HC908AZxx, MC68HC05H12 - COM

CAUTION ! Origins of presented product is Poland. It works 100% correctly.

Programmer MC68HC908AZxx supports:

MC68HC908AZ60 (2J74Y), MC68HC908AZ60 (4J74Y), MC68HC908AZ60A (3K85K), MC68HC908AS60 (3J74Y), MC68HC908AS60A (1L87J), MC68HC908AB32 (3K56G), MC68HC08AZ60 (1J35D), MC68HC08AZ32 (0J66D), MC68HC08AZ32 (1H56A), MC68HC08AS20 (0H94K), MC68HC08AZ32A (1L52H), MC68HC08AB16A (0L72A) MC68HC05H12 (0H57A)


Programmer for MC68HC908AZxx, MC68HC05H12 - contains of :

  • programmer + software

  • manual in english language

  • 3 adapters for : QFP64, QFP100, PLCC52  

  • cable COM(RS232) for connecting with PC

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