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Login reader from motor hybrid ECU for Opel


Login reader from motor hybrid ECU for Opel


License only available for original Atomis CarProg tool. Activation will not work on clone devices.
To be able to activate licences on your clone device you need to legalize it. Legalization is available to get in our store. Please take a look HERE.

If you buy a license for not original CarProg tool device, we cannot provide any refund.

Works with Bosch ME1.5.5, Siemens SIMTEC71, SIMTEC71.1, Delco Diesel, Delco Multec

OPEL login reader from motor hybrid ECU. Also you can read internal EEPROM (for diesel ECU - read/write). Works by OBDII connector using cable A1 or removed from car . On-table connection wiring diagram you can find in user manual.


This CarProg Opel ECU reader you can use in these cases:

  • use it like Opel security code reader by OBDII for transponder key programming. In this case you don't need call dealer for get security code or remove immobilizer to read it manually. For key programming use any key learning tool - TECH 2, AD100 OP-COM or any other;
  • use it for used motor ECU repair, reset Engine Control Module and programming. ECU security code is necessary to set back the Engine Control Module to its factory default state. Prior to replace, you have to reset it back to its factory default state. In this way, you can install it into another car. With TECH2 or other equipment you can do this work, but always you need used motor ECU security code (you can read it with CarProg) and car immobiliser security code (remove immobiliser and use TMS370 programmer to read it).


Supported cars:





 Bosch ME1.5.5  Model  Year Engine  
   Agila  2000-2004 Z10XE,Z12XE
  Corsa C 2001-2008 Z10XE,Z12XE
  Astra G 2001-2008 Z12XE



Bosch ME1.5.5 WIRING

Siemens Simtec
71, Simtec71.1
Model Year Engine
    Vectra B                   2001              Z18XE  
   Zafira 2001-2005 Z18XE
   Astra G 2001-2008 Z18XE
   Corsa C  2001-2008  Z18XE
  Meriva 2003-2008  Z18XE
  Omega B 2000-2003  Z18XE


Siemens Simtec 71, Simtec 71.1 WIRING




Delco Multec
HSFI 2.0-2.5
Model Year Engine  
  Vectra B  2000 Y16XE
  Astra G   2001-2008
  Corsa C  2001-2006
  Meriva  2003-2004
   Zafira 2001-2005  Z16XE
  Vectra B 2001 Z16XE



 Delco Multec HSFI 2.0-2.5 WIRING



Delphi Delco
Diesel Y17DT,Y17DTL
Model Year Engine  
  Astra G 2000-2008 HDRC Y17DT
  Corsa C  2001-2004 HDRCTX2 Y17DT,Y17DTL
  Meriva  2003-2005 HDRCTX2 17TD



 Delphi Delco Diesel Y17DT,Y17DTL WIRING




Delco Z22SE Model Year Engine
  Vectra B 2001 Z22SE
  Astra G 2001-2005 Z22SE
  Speedster/VX220 2001-2006 Z22SE
  Zafira 2001-2005 Z22SE






Delco Multec HSFI - C Model Year Engine
  Astra G 1998-2000 X16XEL,X14XE
  Vectra B 1998-2000 X16XEL
  Zafira 1998-2000 X16XEL


  Delco Multec HSFI - C WIRING



Delco Old Multec Model Year Engine  
  Astra G 1998-2000 X16SZR
  Vectra B 1998-2000 X16SZR

                                                                           Delco Old Multec WIRING

Bosch M1.5.5 Model Year Engine  
  Astra G 1998-2000 X12XE



Bosch M1.55 WIRING


NOTE! This software is included in CARPROG basics  or CARPROG OPEL or  CARPROG FULL packages.

Electronic delivery only!

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