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Panther - TR-2050


Panther - TR-2050

$999.99 $1,499.99

Panther has all the features required for comfort and easy use in pantograph and ball key duplicating systems. There are three separate and independent key attachment points on the vise.

Vertical suspension system operates with just one movement upon demand. This is designed to be a supporter system for the user during duplication of point processed keys.

Horizontal and Vertical fixation system that is required in creation of point processed keys is also beneficial in channeling processes.

Electronically controlled adjustment system enables adjustments to be made on a sensitivity of 0,01 in + and –. Since the adjustment system operates digitally, it enables optional operations as well.

Spring system, which eases pantograph duplicating, enhances the operation performance by eliminating manual press.

Vertical fixation system eases duplicating of pantograph type keys and channeling processes.

Touch screen control panel has a stylish appearance and easy to use ergonomics. Button structure that is produced with nanotechnology is protected against all kinds of failures.

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