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R170 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Immo Box / Skreem "Start Error" Repair

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R170 Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Immo Box / Skreem "Start Error" Repair


We offer only service of existing product. This posting does not include any products.

Symptoms of the common issues of Mercedes-Benz SLK vehicles, which this service will repair:

  • Start Error on the dashboard
  • Can turn the key but car won’t start
  • Remote / key intermittently works


“Start error” could be a software issue. There are various circumstances which can lead to the start error; generally, it is caused by the slowly decreasing voltage of the onboard battery.
This service will repair the software, and will restore the proper communication between your key, immobilizer (SKREEM) and engine computer (ECU).
Please remove and mail your SKREEM and ECU along with all the existing keys and the printed copy of your order confirmation to:
1 Compadre Cir
Laguna Niguel CA 92677

Mercedes-Benz SLK Skreem / Immo Box can become faulty and in some cases due to user error. For example, some common reasons why the Skreem / Immo Box failed are:

  • Low battery voltage
  • Power surge due
  • Connecting jump starting cables while key is in the ignition.

We will repair your Skreem / Immobox within 48-72 hours of receiving your module.

Model types coverage:

  • SLK 200
  • SLK 200 Kompressor
  • SLK 230 Kompressor
  • SLK 320
  • SLK 32 AMG

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