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S4.2 - Key programmer for Lexus


S4.2 - Key programmer for Lexus


License only available for original Atomis CarProg tool. Activation will not work on clone devices.
To be able to activate licences on your clone device you need to legalize it. Legalization is available to get in our store. Please take a look HERE.

If you buy a license for not original CarProg tool device, we cannot provide any refund.

CARPROG Key Programer software enable you to write new transponder key directly to the car immobiliser or ECU memory:
1. - software reads car immobiliser or ECU EEPROM and displays keys already installed.
2. - software reads key/transponder information and writes it to car immobiliser or ECU EEPROM.
Now car will start with new key. No additional tools or programmers are required.

Works with these cars:

ES300 1998-2001 TEX
  2002-2004 TEX
ES330 2004- TEX/CR
GS300 1998- TEX
GS300 1998-2000 TEX
GS400 2001- TEX
GX470 2004- TEX/CR
IS200 2000-2004 TEX
IS300 2000-2004 TEX
LS200 1997-1999 TEX
  1999- TEX
LS400 1997-1999 TEX
  1999- TEX
LX450 1997-1999 TEX
  1999- TEX
LX470 1999-2004 TEX
  2005- TEX/CR
RX300 1999- TEX
RX330 1999- TEX/CR
SC300 1997-1999 TEX
  1999- TEX
SC400 1997-1999 TEX
  1999- TEX
SC430 2004- TEX/CR

This software require below listed CARPROG cables to be used. If you already have these cables or you can make it yourself - leave cables checkbox unchecked. If you need these cables - just check that you need it. Remember that cables we must send you by post - delivery cost will by applied to your order.

NOTE! This software is included in CARPROG basics or  CARPROG FULL or CARPROG IMMO packages.

Electronic delivery only!

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