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S5.2 - Airbag Reset Tool for BMW


S5.2 - Airbag Reset Tool for BMW


License only available for original Atomis CarProg tool. Activation will not work on clone devices.
To be able to activate licences on your clone device you need to legalize it. Legalization is available to get in our store. Please take a look HERE.

If you buy a license for not original CarProg tool device, we cannot provide any refund.

!!! First in the world market Airbag Reset Tool for BMW !!!

BWM airbag sensor after car crash and airbag deployment can by locked (Control unit faulty) and must be replaced. Even after small accident Airbag sensor will write in internal memory special error message "crash data stored" or “computer fault” and after you need to exchange very expensive sensor to new one. With our BMW Airbag Reset Tool you can reset and repair airbag computer in your office in 1 minute.

We are glad to present new device for BMW Airbag repair. You can see some differences between old and new devices bellow:




Link to PC


Read DTC Errors


Clear DTC Errors


Clear Crash Data


EEPROM Read/Write


Old Tool


Serial COM1










New Tool












+/-   supported units ZAE, MRSZ, MRSZ3, MRSZ4 (not all)


+     supported units BAE, ZAE, ZAE2, MRSZ, MRSZ2, MRSZ3, MRSZ4

You can use CARPROG for test and repair these units:


  1. BAE      
  2. ZAE
  3. ZAE2
  4. MRSZ
  5. MRSZ2
  6. MRSZ3 – Temic
  7. MRSZ3 – Bosch
  8. MRSZ4 – Temic
  9. MRSZ4 – Bosch

NOTE! This software is included in CARPROG basics and CARPROG AIRBAG FULL or  CARPROG FULL packages.


*Please note we do not support airbag tools or software due to state laws. Airbag systems are dangerous and should be only worked on by experienced technicians. use at your own risk.*

Electronic delivery only!

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