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S5.34 - Airbag Reset Tool for Suzuki


S5.34 - Airbag Reset Tool for Suzuki


License only available for original Atomis CarProg tool. Activation will not work on clone devices.
To be able to activate licences on your clone device you need to legalize it. Legalization is available to get in our store. Please take a look HERE.

If you buy a license for not original CarProg tool device, we cannot provide any refund.

Suzuki airbag sensors "crash data"  check and erase tool. Works by direct programming. Support these models :

Model Manufacturer Part Number
Grand Vitara Denso 38910 65D1
Grand Vitara - 38910 65J20
Ignis Siemens 38910 59J41
Ignis Mitsubishi Electric 38910 80G20
Ignis Mitsubishi Electric 38910 81A40
Ignis Mitsubishi Electric 38910 81AD0
Ignis - 38910 84E00
Ignis - 38910 84E01
Ignis - 38910 84E21
Ignis - 38910 84G10
Ignis - 38910 86G12
Jimny - 38910 84A00
Swift - 38910 62J10
Swift - 38910 62J12
Swift Siemens 5WK4 3538
Swift Siemens 5WK4 3539
SX4 Siemens 38910 54L00
SX4 - 38910 79J10
SX4 - 38910 79J20
SX4 - 38910 80J02
SX4 Siemens 38910 80J30
Vitara - 152300 2043
Vitara - 152300 4600
Vitara - 152300 6270
XL7 - 15916307
SX4 Siemens 38910 80J40
Total 26

Red color market models are newly extended.
For owners of this software - these new updates are available for free. You need only to update your carprog (UPDATE->INTERNET)

NOTE! This software is included in CARPROG basics or CARPROG AIRBAG FULL or  CARPROG FULL packages.


*Please note we do not support airbag tools or software due to state laws. Airbag systems are dangerous and should be only worked on by experienced technicians. use at your own risk.*

Electronic delivery only!

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