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VAG Immo Emulator

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VAG Immo Emulator


VAG IMMO emulator (Pic 3) was developed for use with VAG group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) vehicles to emulate immobiliser system in ECU’s and diesel pumps up to year 2001  (IMMO1 and IMMO2). 

We have recently upgraded this emulator to a more stable version (Pic 1) and are only shipping the newer designed product. We would like to thank KRESGE FOREIGN CARS, who noted the wiring difference !!

***new generation emulator (PIC1) has the negative in the middle of the contact group and K-line is furthest from the positive. This is new and different from the prior version described in the manual.

KRESGE FOREIGN CARS shared their design (PIC3), where they used the common fuse box to create a good looking, secure device, which we liked a lot. Many thanks to Dave at KRESGE for sharing the design.    


Click here to download manual

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