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Panther SX - TR-2050SX


Panther SX - TR-2050SX

$999.99 $1,599.99

TR-2050 Panther SX has all needed features to copy keys in group of pantograph, ball and graded in an easy way and in favour of application. One of the most important features is that its suspension system when ordered can start working with a single movement and stops likewise. This feature is designed as a system to help users while copying point processed keys. Up and down fixing system, which another necessary feature in making point processed keys also helps a lot in opening canals.

The feature model TR-2050 Panther SX has is that parts it has to attach two independent key groups. The mill group can rotate -/+45 degrees towards both right and left sides and thanks to that it offers a great solution in copying keys.

Also, in addition to all models being in modular structure they are also been designed for future. Springback system which provides comfort in copying car keys enhances working performance by abolishing the pressure made by hand. It makes it convenient to copy pantograph types of keys in vertical fixing system or in opening canals.

Thanks to its electronic control supported adjustment system, it can be adjusted only in a few steps easily at the sensitivity of 0.01. The - and + system allows you to run your work optionally.

The toolkit drawer it has in the lower body keeps all needed equipment; three different groups of cutters come with the machine as a standard.


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