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Mercedes-Benz Steering Lock Repair - Virtual Locksmith Service

LA Car Tech

Mercedes-Benz Steering Lock Repair - Virtual Locksmith Service


We offer only service of existing product. This posting does not include any products.

To add an additional key you need to select a variant option above.

Symptoms of the common issues of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which this service will repair:
1)Key turns but no ignition lights
2)Steering is locked with key in ignition
3)Steering lock is OFF with no key in ignition
4)Battery become low and the steering lock stuck in position
5)Low Voltage has damaged the steering lock processors
6)Key doesn't turn in the Mercedes Electronic Ignition Switch EIS
7)Key doesn't turn in the Mercedes EIS when there's cold weather
8)When key is in the EIS you can hear a clicking noise from the ESL but the key doesn't turn

What you need to do:
Remove the Ignition switch and Steering Lock (this tasks requires special skills and tools!!!) and send it to us:
LA Car Tech
1 Compadre Circle
Laguna Niguel CA 92677

We will repair your issue and mail out the steering lock, ignition switch and key within 48-72 hours of receiving your:
1) Ignition switch,
2) Steering Lock,
3) The key.
*the steering lock will not be returned under the terms of this service. Your steering will not have a lock function. If you want to have the lock function it will require much more work from me and you – please contact me for details.
I will only return the Ignition switch and the key and a small device called emulator, which will replace the communication functionality of the steering lock (it will not replace the physical functionality of the steering lock). Your vehicle will start immediately after installation. Your are all done.
List of supported ignition lock part numbers:
204 545 57 32
A 204 545 57 32
A 2045455732
A 204 545 81 32
A204 545 81 32
204 545 81 32
A 2045450632
A204 545 06 32
204 545 06 32
A203 462 11 30
A 203 462 11 30
203 462 11 30
A 037 545 61 32
A037 545 61 32
037 545 61 32

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